Methodist chapel

There has been a Methodist chapel in the village since at least 1812 and the present one has been here since 1899. We thank the members from Tockwith who take an active part in chapel activities, without whom our continuation would be in doubt. For many years now we have worked with the Anglican congregation to show a joint presence in village life and provide a varied form of worship. We are continually reviewing this relationship to ensure that we use our resources to the best advantage.

In recent times the Chapel has been used for a variety of village meetings etc., initiated by the closure of the village hall during improvements. Members are pleased for it to be used in this way.

The Chapel wishes to thank everyone for their generous donations in helping to replace the four windows recently, In particular, they wish to thank the Parish Council, County Councillor Andy Paraskos and the Methodist Circuit, which have enabled them to achieve this goal.

It is so encouraging to realise that the 120 year old Chapel is treated by so many people to be an asset to the village and worth preserving.

Services are held at 10am on Sundays, except the fifth Sunday in the month, which is held at Gracious Street, Knaresborough