It has recently come to light that the Harrogate Borough Planning Officers have completed the work to appraise the options and are minded to recommend that Green Hammerton be included in the Local Plan as the preferred new settlement. The new settlement will be approximately 3000 houses and associated infrastructure. Although HBC call this new settlement option ‘GREEN HAMMERTON’; almost 50% of the land between the railway line and the A59 is actually within the Kirk Hammerton Parish. So, even though the name suggests it will be an extension of Green Hammerton, over a period of 15-20 years HBC’s proposals will actually create a new small town and Kirk Hammerton WILL be a part of it. Previous Consultations – In November and December 2016, Green Hammerton was one of two options being considered as part of Harrogate Borough Councils Local Plan, the other being the Flaxby park site, a disused golf course. We advised you of this and from a consensus of opinion gathered from several public meetings we summarised the issues relating to each option. When HBC’s consultation opened we had an opportunity to let Harrogate Borough Council know whether Kirk Hammerton and Green Hammerton residents ‘Supported’ or ‘Objected’ to their proposals. The turnout was poor with roughly 4% of the population of the two villages combined making a comment. What is next – If the Green Hammerton site comes to fruition it will virtually join Green Hammerton to the villages of Kirk Hammerton and Whixley, but will have massive implications for surrounding communities too (Tockwith, Cattall, Ouseburn, etc). Harrogate Borough Council have informed us that another round of consultation will start later next month or early July. We believe this is likely to be the last open public consultation and the last chance for resident’s opinion to be properly considered and that is why it is crucial that if you have an opinion that you register and make your comments known. At this stage, it is a planning recommendation only, and it has yet to be presented to the full Cabinet at HBC and agreed to be adopted into the Local Plan. There also has not been any council document released based on the planners’ recommendations, but this is expected soon. We suggest that you attend our future Parish Council meetings so you can get the latest updates, and share your opinions with us so we can support and advise accordingly. At the next Parish Council Meeting on 27th June at 7.30pm in the Methodist Chapel there will also be a presentation made by The “Keep Green Hammerton Green” Action Group. This is a volunteer group that you can support and join that is preparing to fight this development. They are planning for an active and visible protest campaign that will ensure Harrogate Borough Council planners and Commercial Estates Group, the prospective developers, know that residents will not accept this recommendation lightly.





Halifax DG230 Crash Kirk Hammerton 1943

On 14th November 1943, this aircraft took off from Marston Moor to be given an airtest but soon after taking off, the aircraft’s two starboard engines failed. Out of control, the aircraft crashed into a brick lined pond behind the Vale of York Hotel on A59. Of the five people on the aircraft, only one survived despite thee courageous attempts by villagers to remove the airmen from the wreckage.

Phil McCormack, son of the only survivor of the crash, Thomas Alan McCormack, is wishing to provide a memorial to remember the victims of the crash.

if you would like to know more information about the event, please contact the clerk, Amanda Kennerley or Les Hornby.




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