Kirk Hammerton is scheduled to receive Superfast Broadband on phase 3, which will roll through in the next 3 years. 110 houses closest to the exchange at Green Hammerton will be included in the scheme. Details to follow.

West End Play Area

The PC wished to thank all the children who had submitted ideas for improving the play area. They were extremely interesting and detailed. It was agreed that the play area needing improvement and the clerk had secured just over £2000 in commuted sums and a potential donation from County  Cllr. Andy Paraskos (NYCC). Whilst the PC would help as much as possible, assistance from local residents in applying for grants would be most welcome as these can be very time consuming.

In the short term, it was agreed to reinstall the basketball hoop as soon as possible.

10 Things you didn’t know about our Village

  1. The oldest resident born in Kirk Hammerton and still living in the village is Les Hornby.
  2. Les Hornby has lived and owned 6 properties in Kirk Hammerton:

South View Gardens

The Laurels, Chapel Street

The Hammerton Hotel (now Geoffrey Benson and Son)

Clotherholme, Station Rd.

Rosedene, Church Street

Llandaff Cottage. Church Street

  1. An old adage was that you had to fall in the river once and the beck twice to become a true Kirk Hammertonite.
  2. Col. Stanyforth, who lived in the Hall played cricket for, and captained, England before he played for a county (Yorkshire).
  3. The Star Inn was situated at the bottom of the garden of No1. Holly Bank. The owners donated the land for the present Chapel to be built in 1898. (Were they trying to have a foot in both camps?)
  4. Lyndhurst, Church Street used to be the Police House.
  5. There used to be three shops in the village:

Bill Lee’s, Northfield

Post Office and newsagency (now Old Walls)

Rosedene, which took over the Post Office as well as the newsagency and closed some nine years ago.

  1. St. John’s House used to be a private school, run by Miss Primrose Ware.
  2. The Old School, which closed in 1974 had separate playgrounds for boys and girls as well as outside toilets (the PC clerk remembers them far too well)!
  3. The parish clerk was the last person to be married in the chapel in 1987. The first person to be married there was her uncle in 1948.

Hammerton village

  • A beautiful historic Yorkshire Village
  • Located within Yorkshire’s golden triangle, Kirk Hammerton is a quiet village located just off the A59 which provides easy access into York (10 miles) Harrogate (8 miles) and Leeds (30 Miles). The village is also one of the few to benefit from an operating train station which operates services seven days a week to York and Leeds (via Harrogate).
  • St John the Baptist Church, Kirk Hammerton is a Grade I listed Church of England church dating back to 950AD. Its Anglo-Saxon tower is complete, unchanged and a delight to behold. it has changed little since the Norman alterations in around 1150.
  • Kirk Hammerton boasts a strong community with an historic Church, a Church of England Primary School, Community nursery, a strong cricket club and playing fields with local football teams (and a great kids play park).