To report a crime please dial 101. Additionally it would be beneficial to make our local Neighbourhood Watch coordinator, Mike Josh, aware of the crime; 01423 330952 or or one of the other coordinators listed below.

You can track online what happened after a crime was committed in the neighbourhood. Additionally you will be able to access information such as street level crime data and what action the local Police have taken as a result.

Kirk Hammerton is a no cold calling zone. You are strongly advised not to entertain such cold callers and report those who violate this to the coordinator.

If you are concerned about suspicious activity, report it. Report directly to the police on either 101 or 999 depending upon the severity of the incident, report it to the neighbourhood watch coordinator or given information anonymously to Crime Stopper on 0800 555111.

We are pleased to report that crime figures and reports from North Yorkshire police,  Harrogate District Council and District Neighbourhood Watch Association highlight the fact that there have been a small amount of minor crimes in the parish of Kirk Hammerton since 1st of January 2009. There have been a greater number of incidents recorded in surrounding areas. Our neighbourhood policing team, who are based in Knaresborough, stress that this position is most probably down to the existence of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and signs that Kirk Hammerton has in place. Consequently, figures from insurance companies show that you are ten times less likely to experience a domestic burglary if you are involved in an active Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and this is reflected in the discounts they offer to residents who live in an area where a scheme operates.

In Kirk Hammerton our street co-ordinators receive messages from the police when incidents occur. The police advise residents to let neighbours or your nearest co-ordinator know if you are going away, just in case anything is reported during your absence.


A59/Hammerton Close – Martin Leather 01423 330694

A59/Station Road – Helen Cunliffe 01423 331474

St Johns Grove/Church Street –

Stanyforth Crescent/Crooked Lane – Mike Josh 01423 330952 email

Old Church Green – Carys Harrison 01423 330795 email

Chapel Street/Parkway – Phyllis Pick 01423 330590 email or Graeme Curry 01423 339354 email

West End/Parker Lane/Gilsthwaite –