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16/04626/OUT – Land adjacent to Skipbridge House. C: The PC did not object nor support but raised the following comments and safeguards:

  1. There is no indication regarding the sizes of the two dwellings (no. of bedrooms) and two larger dwellings could be restrictive to the plot area if there is to be vehicle turning areas and reasonable gardens.
  2. The plot is close, if not on the edge of the flooding zone and reservations are made regarding the additional surface run off going to soak away. There is the possibility that old drainpipes under the road have collapsed, which is why that stretch of land can be very waterlogged. Investigations of the drains might be required back to the lane end. Square area of houses and hardstanding plus a report on feasibility of soak away and surface water run-off are required before any definitive decision can be made regarding these two points.
  3. The area identified for development is relatively small compared to the area of spare land available. If the application had been for more houses, there would have been a need to include some affordable housing. If permission should be given for two properties at this time, the PC would wish to seek safeguards if a further development is proposed later, so that the affordable housing element is not avoided by doing 2 x applications.
  4. Consideration needs to be given to how many access points are to be allowed on to the A59 which, as well as being busy, is also at a road junction to Nun Monkton. Should the speed limit be lowered?

16/03972/FUL – The Victoria, Erection of staff dwelling and conversion of existing to guest accommodation. The PC were unable to make a decision as site plans were not sent with the application. HBC to send when received. ON HOLD

16/04629/FUL – Canadaire, YO26 8EQ. Erection of attached garage and creation of drive and access. C: The PC did not object nor support but raised the following comments and safeguards:

  1. KHPC express concern regarding an additional access onto the A59
  2. Brickwork and roofing needs to match existing materials.
  3. It would be preferable if the existing hedge could be preserved.

Under consideration by KHPC:

None at present