St Johns the Bapist Church of England Church

The York Diocesan Registers before 1541 tell us that the church was originally dedicated to St Quentin, the only church in England so dedicated. When the church was re-dedicated to St. John the Baptist and the reason for doing so, is not known.

In 1833 the church would have looked the same as it had in the Middle Ages but in 1834 restoration began. There is a booklet available in the church which comprehensively covers the history of the church including renovation details.

The construction of the church is of rough edge stone of all shapes and sizes. There are undoubtedly many parts of it that are originally Saxon (before 1066) with the remainder about 600 years old.

The Kirk Hammertonians slain at the battle of Marston Moor that took place on 2nd July 1644 were buried in the churchyard.

The Rector is Paul Spurgeon (email: Paul Spurgeon) and the Church Warden is Barbara Taylor. The treasurer is Les Hornby and organist is Ian De Courcey Bayley.

The church publishes the Niddside News which is distributed free to parish houses and the editor is Emma Hawe (

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The Chapel

The first Wesleyan chapel opened in 1821 but was inadequate for its purpose and a replacement was finished by 14th October 1899. It is now part of the new Nidd Valley Circuit incorporating the previous Knaresborough and the Harrogate circuit. Today, the chapel has a congregation of about 15 to 20.

Minister Rev. Gail Hunt 863298.

Stewards Sheila Hornby & Les Hornby 330154

Services each Sunday at 10am. except the fourth Sunday of the month which is a joint  service in the parish church. The service on the second Sunday is usually a Communion Service at which our Anglican friends are invited to join us. On the fifth Sunday we now join Gracious St. for their service.