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There was a fantastic response to the HBC draft plan consultation. Nearly 600 response forms were completed by local residents and delivered to the Council before the deadline. There were also objections filed by individuals independently of the campaign. This amazing response from our communities has sent a very clear message to HBC and the Planning Inspectorate that the proposal for the Hammerton new town is flawed and should not proceed.

The village survey which many people completed showed an overwhelming 93% of residents do not support the new settlement.

The Action Group also submitted its own substantial objection document which was the culmination of a huge amount of work by many people and made a very good case for why the draft Plan is “unsound” and not legally compliant. It included a comprehensive report from our retained planning consultant.

We are now keeping up the momentum – by lobbying key parties and by continuing to build our evidence base so we are ready to appear in front of the Planning Inspectorate at the public examination of the plan.

The draft Plan is not yet in force but nevertheless the developers, CEG, have already submitted a planning application for 3000 houses – the scheme known as “Great Hammerton”. We must continue to challenge these proposals on legitimate planning grounds.

In a further twist which has caused outrage, HBC is now advertising for consultants to be hired on a £100,000 contract to help it do more detailed work on the new settlement in advance of the public Examination. Leaders of the campaign group think it is morally wrong and disgraceful for HBC to spend our Council tax money on trying to shore up its positon in the face of overwhelming local opposition. We are sure that most tax payers will share this outrage.

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